Sacred Humanity

We are one as humanity.
With our aches, pains, glory, love, movements and moments.
In the kiss from a parent to child, to the depths of despair, to our frenetic working and our relaxed bliss.
We are a paradox of wonder.

This site was created to hold the poetry that started to erupt in 2012 that honours our human journeys through all the inner and outer worlds.  In our depths, many feel alone.  Yet we all experience much the same.  Being blessed to have worked with many on their inner and outer personal journeys, I have found that the poetry enables many to feel the deep human belonging and fact that we are all in this together while we individually live through it.

The next phase of the website will include the book that I am currently working on, "Sacred Humanity".  It explores our natural development, our consciousness, the sacred in males, the sacred in females and the dance between men and women.

Come explore our sacred humanity and engage in the real sensuality of living.

Embrace  Awaken  Transform
Embracing Awareness Transformation