You seep into my soulInfusing me with lifeEvery move I makeYou are there, waitingIn silence, I touch youTasting the freshness in the airA gentle wisp against my skinA whisper in my earHearts beating in syncHands acting as oneI sink into youEnveloped in ecstasyBlossoms erupting from the acheA tantalizing perfume pulling meI grasp through fog to […]


The scream contained in my throatThumbs pressingPulsing blood stoppedWaiting for the twistStories never toldStored for later timesNot for many lifetimesPrecious and fearedAn unknowing containerInnocent and strongTears are the keyReleasing the locksJoy as the magicLaughter the antidoteSorrows of ages pastDance with the acheHead on a platterSwerved in gratitudeFood for the massesEaten as the bodyDiamonds in the […]

The Road Home

Sensing the road homeFeeling the bodyKnowing the universal truthsSharing the messagesDepression to empathyDarkness to lightKnowledge to wisdomApprenticeship to masteryLove embodiedCompassion developedGifts of pain deliveredTears as nectars of loveCopyright 2016, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.

Seeing in Our Darkness

Warning: Read at your own risk. The following questions and answers you give yourself may increase darkness, frustration, confusion, chaos and dissatisfaction. There may not be an immediate resolution.If you are not sure if you are ready, read are you ready?…Do you see in the dark?Our darkness is our conditioning.How many messages have you taken […]

You Opened My Heart Today

 You opened my heart todayWriting from your own heartSharing truth from withinThough painful the journey wasYou opened my heart todayHow did you do it?Shedding the pain and angerTo speak in loveYou opened my heart todayYour example of sharing beautyThe lotus from the mudThe simplicity of a caressYou opened my heart todayYou saw through the crapYou […]

Are You Ready?

Are you ready?Ready to be real?Ready to be natural?Ready to be?Are you ready?Ready for the changes?Ready for the power?Ready for the transformation?Are you ready?Most of us aren’t.  And that’s okay.  We are not all meant to be ready at the same time.  Flowers bloom at different times of the year and we are all as […]


Thrashed in the darknessHead under waterWrestling the currentStruggling for airMovement abatingLast bubbles floatingCoolness envelopingPeace infusingBody dissolvingWaves carryingDepths approachingSinking…singing…Dust meeting sandMingling…tingling…Salt on the tongueSavouringCopyright 2016, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.

Body and Cosmos

Gratitude for the microcosm and macrocosm of a graduating class (names have been removed)I welcome and thank all of you for being here today on this very special rite of passage and I invite you to share in a journey of gratitude.  This graduating class has a wonderful diversity that I would like to honour through […]

You’re the Best

Chuckling I can’t always believe your giftsI surrender myself to you and you shower meLike a child in a candy shopYou place numerous sweets in my heartEnergy courses through my channelsTingling places I didn’t even know existedClearing me to receive your lovePreparing me for the actions of youI love your sense of humourAs I relax […]

We Know

We know yet we need to unfold the knowingWe have the language, but as babes we unveil the languagePulling out time and space, we configure our seeingDeciphering the known from the unmanifest to manifestPulling the all from the void to view in limited formCopyright 2012, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.