The scream contained in my throat
Thumbs pressing
Pulsing blood stopped
Waiting for the twist

Stories never told
Stored for later times
Not for many lifetimes
Precious and feared

An unknowing container
Innocent and strong
Tears are the key
Releasing the locks

Joy as the magic
Laughter the antidote
Sorrows of ages past
Dance with the ache

Head on a platter
Swerved in gratitude
Food for the masses
Eaten as the body

Diamonds in the mines
Waiting for discovery
Untold riches
Enfolded in darkness

Cascading tears
Into welcoming arms
I cherish you
Holding serenity

Wrenching ache
Infinite void
Calling darkness
Warmth of coolness

Embracing space
Home at last
Jagged razors
Rip the veil

Unknowing known
Depths of love tasted
Treasures of the dark
Being brought to light

Longing, yearning, aching
Pushed beyond limits
Limitlessness revealed
All encompassed

Addictions shattered
Energy coalescing
Peace unfolding
Pureness present

Copyright 2013, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.

Posted in Spring, Weekly Offering.

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