Body and Cosmos

Body and Cosmos

Gratitude for the microcosm and macrocosm of a graduating class (names have been removed)

I welcome and thank all of you for being here today on this very special rite of passage and I invite you to share in a journey of gratitude.  This graduating class has a wonderful diversity that I would like to honour through the use of metaphors because mere words do not do justice to the depth and complexity of each individual and their respective paths.  The metaphors are in the form of a poem and, when I was trying to come up with a framework, I was struck with how this class embodies a very tangible realness as well as boundless and infinite energy and potential.  The following poem is shared with the intent of honouring and caring for each individual at their core and essence as I am humbled by all of you.  Anything that does not come across in that manner, I take full responsibility for in my humanness and hope you know that I wish to you to receive this only with love.

Now to begin our journey into the body and cosmos...

The star, with its heart full, reaches across space
A gentle light to guide our way - thank you N

The light that filters down is embraced
Embodied in realness, intelligence and beauty - thank you A

The embodied energy is a fire of life in the nervous system
With focus, power, determination and clear action - thank you T

The free spirit of life moves in the organic structure
As the blood that nourishes and also removes cloudiness - thank you A

This bountiful moving life energy is gracefully supported
With a beautiful strength and resiliency in the bones - thank you V

Energetically bridging the form with the formless
The body’s magnetic field senses, communicates and protects - thank you K

In love, the heart vibrates with this energy
Bringing joy, support, and nourishment to all - thank you P

The all are supported in bountiful life on the planet Earth
With the real power of plants and herbs infusing life - thank you C

In glancing up from Earth on a distinctly clear dark evening
A comet shoots across the sky in a direct path lighting the night - thank you T

As the multiverse background from the comet becomes sensed
The infinite possibilities, boundless richness, and expansive energy is felt - thank you K

Within the wondrous space our eyes are captured by the deep resonating planet of Jupiter
Attracting, energizing and showering with gifts - thank you C

Coming home to our bodies we feel the particles of the universe
In the cells of our very being as our muscles move in grace - thank you A

Flashes of insight spark through us with joy
As we understand ourselves as one with all - thank you R

We rest in the earth’s magnetic field
To allow the wisdom, creative grace and integrative movement to come home - thank you L

After the integration, every sensory organ is alight in us
Discovering, touching, tasting, playing in beauty - thank you C

As the power of this discovery sinks in
Our genes morph to enable them to express the cosmic dance - thank you E

Deep in thought with this truth
The heart opens and acts with precision and compassion as hands - thank you A

Deeper yet, an unseen grace ensures the ongoing energy of life
Digestion: gathering nutrients, transforming substance to energy, discarding waste - thank you T

Now, with flowing energy we shine
Our face capturing the natural beauty of our soul - thank you K

In the flow, we reflect again to the night sky
The mysterious beauty of the planet Venus calling us - thank you G

With thoughtful presence, we become all and nothing
Following the energetic flow of the universal movement - thank you R

The universal flow then erupts in the music of life
Ekstasis coursing through our consciousness - presto andante vivace tres doux - thank you A

Soaking the music into our skin
We tingle with goodness, gentle power, loveliness and deep care - thank you T

Breathing deep into the lungs
Life is ever present, trustworthy and consistent in ensuring our being - thank you M

This beingness gets reflected back from the ever-present moon
Brilliant, strong and deep within our souls - thank you E

Our awareness curiously notes the way we enact the soul
As fascia powerfully and flexibly holds all in movement - thank you K

As we move, we are struck by the interconnectedness of all
Pictures of the microcosm and the macrocosm dance in the mind - thank you R

Yet we also hold onto the beautiful simplicity of pure sweet being
The arms that support the heart of it all - thank you M

As we sit in the awesome simplicity of awareness
The star system above is our grounding in the cosmos - thank you J

The surreal and real come together in naturalness
The auric field of the body pure in earthiness - thank you L

The pure earthiness further solidifies and all integrates into tangible realness
Brilliant, logical, calm and present, the brain shares - thank you D

As the particles of the body resonate, the cosmos mirrors
Energetically spanning all time and space for the mirror that they are - thank you A

In gratitude, I share a glimpse of the wonder of these amazing people who are sharing their gifts with the world.  Thank you for your time in the community and I wish you many blessings in the world and universe. 

Copyright 2012, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.


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