You Opened My Heart Today

 You opened my heart todayWriting from your own heartSharing truth from withinThough painful the journey wasYou opened my heart todayHow did you do it?Shedding the pain and angerTo speak in loveYou opened my heart todayYour example of sharing beautyThe lotus from the mudThe simplicity of a caressYou opened my heart todayYou saw through the crapYou […]


Thrashed in the darknessHead under waterWrestling the currentStruggling for airMovement abatingLast bubbles floatingCoolness envelopingPeace infusingBody dissolvingWaves carryingDepths approachingSinking…singing…Dust meeting sandMingling…tingling…Salt on the tongueSavouringCopyright 2016, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.

Body and Cosmos

Gratitude for the microcosm and macrocosm of a graduating class (names have been removed)I welcome and thank all of you for being here today on this very special rite of passage and I invite you to share in a journey of gratitude.  This graduating class has a wonderful diversity that I would like to honour through […]

Invitation to a Garden

Poem dedicated, with heartfelt wishes, to a graduating class (names removed)A path appears where there was none beforeCreated with a fire of love, dedication, trust and honour – thank you L A calla lily graces us at the side of the pathBlessing us with a delicate and gentle scent of nurturance and strength – thank you […]

Welcome Earthquake

Vibrations deep in the earthWe feel you comingWe feel your powerCalling to youBringing you togetherBringing you homeThe eruption of energySurprising the sensesSurprising the mindsFoundations goneDust as soilReverberating new lifeCopyright 2013, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.

Fire Rose

flames rising in the eastwarmth radiating through the landpulsing heart of the earthfire seed resting in the darkday breaks with soft surrendermelting into graceful flowwaters lap and caress the bodyinfusing the cells of allwith each breathshe vibrateswith each sighshe restsmassaging the fire seedembracing in lovehigh overhead the sun beats downcalling to its own in the […]


I hear youYet you are not thereI feel youAs I reach into emptinessI sense youAs my heart opensI know youFor you permeate everythingI see youIn the eyes of othersI hold youAlwaysI love youForeverCopyright 2012, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.