You seep into my soulInfusing me with lifeEvery move I makeYou are there, waitingIn silence, I touch youTasting the freshness in the airA gentle wisp against my skinA whisper in my earHearts beating in syncHands acting as oneI sink into youEnveloped in ecstasyBlossoms erupting from the acheA tantalizing perfume pulling meI grasp through fog to […]

You’re the Best

Chuckling I can’t always believe your giftsI surrender myself to you and you shower meLike a child in a candy shopYou place numerous sweets in my heartEnergy courses through my channelsTingling places I didn’t even know existedClearing me to receive your lovePreparing me for the actions of youI love your sense of humourAs I relax […]

Cosmic “Who Am I?”

Once upon a no-time, they all asked…”Who am I?”Hmmm… good question…Let’s see:cosmology of the trinity…let there be light…awareness…trinity evolutions…hindu cosmology…The answer: LoveCopyright 2012, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.


Trembling beneath your fingertipsMy flesh knows no moreDissolving into your touchLiquid sensation of blissMy breath surrendered to youOur hearts beating as oneTimeless movements of momentsInfinite embrace of allRapturous silence envelopesExpanding in ripples of lightWaves of succulent coloursUndulating in pulses of loveSeeking, finding, vibratingAlchemy of substance and lifeProcess unfolding in wisdomPower in knowing and careGentle touch […]


Really?… we’re vessels?humbly sitting with tears rolling down my cheeksus?  we are to share these messages?body melting with tingling, compression and expansionhow did we get here?feeling blessed to witness beautiful and clear truthsso much has been sharedcan we do justice with these gifts?no, but we share them regardlesswe look around and beauty has us in awe…how do […]

Living in the Void

I am hereI await your gentle guidance…tapping into nothing with love…in a world that sees the objectsI see the spacein a world that quotes the dataI sense the sourcein a world that createsI dissolvein a world that critiquesI lovein a world that speaksI listenin a world with wordsI am preverbalin a world that definesI am […]


Sun on my surfaceLight in my soulAir flowing through meBreathing my lifeEarth as my substanceGiving me visionWater seeping into my cellsCoalescing into offerings of fruitFire transforming to lifePleasureCopyright 2012, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.


I walk in your flameBurning me unharmedMoved in ecstasyI melt into youMy very breath is yoursI surrender my heartLost, I am foundAlways with youBring your fire to meLet me feel your heatMay my skin meltAs your nectar fills meUncontained gloryI shine in your lightBursting in joyNestling in loveCopyright 2013, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.


Life overflowingMossGrassTreePlantsSoilEcosystem of multidimensional balanceFlowVibrancyCreativeSupportPeaceResting in wonderOpenReceivingCalmAlivePleasureCopyright 2012, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.