to my love

I am here for youeven if you don’t see meI sense your pain and lostnesseven while I hold youYou look out of sad eyesI am insideThe emptiness you feel in your heartis a cold blanket over the lightSink into my warm embraceI will be there foreverAs you melt, like sugar in warm waterwe become a […]


why is there so much of you?you lurk in the attic of my mindplayful paradoxes; slights of handyour nothingness overwhelms mehow can lack be so heavy?striving to fill a black holeI suffocate in murky emptinessI am filled with your illusionseeking freedom from your weightI back away and drownthe harder I run, the stronger you pullI […]


I am the space where the river flowsI am the place where the wind blowsI am nowhereI am alwaysI am the memory of experiencebefore it happensI amCopyright 2013, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.


SilenceBreatheYour vastness overwhelms meYour darkness is completeYet I sit in comfortWarmed by your embraceSilenceDepthI plunge into the vast abyssThe bottomless pit of solitudeYet I am not aloneHow can that be?SilenceBlindedStumbling through the daily trialsA front for all to seeThe beauty just a taste of the real meI wait in the shadowsSilenceRestingThere is no place to […]

I Feel Your Pain

The deep ache of the heartThe gut wrenching abyss of emptinessThe chaotic swirling of the mindThe utter weight of no energyLet’s journey this togetherThere is no running away this timeThe journey will be meanderingBut the meaning will be gatheredYou are not aloneThis is not punishment, but transmutationlight is available this timeYou are ready to see […]

Daylight Moon

Night meeting dayDay lighting nightOpen embraceUnseen graceMasculine brillianceFeminine essenceResting in spaceUnknown placeDancing immobileSpoken through silenceLonging heart raceTo see your faceCopyright 2013, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.

Consciousness Rising

Quantum leapsPatterns that once servedHold me backQuantum playsEgo holding on the the knownLoses gripQuantum movementThere is no movementBut lots of changeQuantum understandingPatterns that once playedNow honoured, dissipateQuantum stillnessCreative newness witnessedCurrent new patterns livedQuantum leapsPatterns that once servedHold me backDivinityCopyright 2012, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.


Your enticing call haunts meYou know my deepest secretsLuring me to the dark abyssPlunging to forgetfulnessYour illusion is so tantalizingWrapping me in a blanket of mayaI struggle helplesslyAs the spider’s victim, anesthetizedDeep within, an ember glowsAs I drown, it whispers to meBeing called homeLike a child in the darkCopyright 2012, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.