Fire Rose

Fire Rose

flames rising in the east
warmth radiating through the land
pulsing heart of the earth
fire seed resting in the dark

day breaks with soft surrender
melting into graceful flow
waters lap and caress the body
infusing the cells of all

with each breath
she vibrates
with each sigh
she rests
massaging the fire seed
embracing in love

high overhead the sun beats down
calling to its own in the ground
waken my darling
it is time

fire from within
reaching out
rays of light in the dirt

vibrancy erupts
form honours life
robust rose of fire

blossoms unfold in amazement
delicious fragrances tantalize the senses
petals dance as flames
sparking the seeds of life

fire seeds fill the air
as they float as burning embers
deep into the earth as ash
to populate the world with love

the sun sets
earth cools
fire seeds in bed
from one to many

Copyright 2013, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.


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