Really?... we're vessels?

humbly sitting with tears rolling down my cheeks
us?  we are to share these messages?
body melting with tingling, compression and expansion
how did we get here?

feeling blessed to witness beautiful and clear truths
so much has been shared
can we do justice with these gifts?
no, but we share them regardless

we look around and beauty has us in awe...
how do we express that?
embraced with such wisdom, warmth and wonder
it flows right through the dirt

we open
moving with the ecosystem of life
flowing and splashing with the waves

we give ourselves to living
over and over
because we hold ourselves back
even as we offer

washing away resistance
stone to sand
sand to dust
dust to air

back to the breath of life

Copyright 2012, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.

Posted in Summer.

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