Seeing in Our Darkness

Seeing In Our Darkness

Warning: Read at your own risk. The following questions and answers you give yourself may increase darkness, frustration, confusion, chaos and dissatisfaction. There may not be an immediate resolution.

If you are not sure if you are ready, read are you ready?

Do you see in the dark?

Our darkness is our conditioning.

How many messages have you taken into yourself?

Throughout all the years of your life, what beliefs/statements/programs have you ingested?

What did your parents tell you?

What is the influence of your generational history?

What did your community tell you?

What are the shoulds and shouldn’ts of your world?

What makes a good person?

What are the cultural expectations?

What is the group consciousness?

What is success?

What is worthwhile work?

What is right?

What is wrong?

What do you have to believe and do in order to belong in your tribe?

What defines you?

What are your expectations?

If you removed all of the above, what would remain?

What do you see when there is no darkness?

What do you see without the conditioning?

What is left with no judgment?

When you sit in that silence, what do you notice?

Welcome home.

Are you ready for what’s next? If you are not sure, read are you ready?


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