The Beauty of Shit

The Beauty of Shit

Your scent wafts pungently through the tranquil air
Your gifts often unnoticed in the strength of your message
So fully at the end of a meaningful phase of your life
You ready with anticipation the robustness of new life forthcoming

I thank you deeply for the part you play
While the noses of some may turn and hide
Your beauty shines through to me
And I see your richness

Reflecting on your journey, I marvel
From numerous forms of life on this bountiful earth
You enter a complicated system of integration
That lovingly takes you in, pulls out your heart and then sends you back

Yet, never the scorned lover
You continue to give lovingly, quietly, and deeply
Back, back to the depths of the soil from whence you came
Away from the light, yet lighting our life

Your alchemical transformation that flows endlessly
Carries with it the gold of understanding
If we were just to embrace your wisdom and compassion
Our lives would feed the souls of the world.  Thank you.

Copyright 2013, Cheryl-Dean Thompson, All rights reserved.
Posted in Autumn.

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